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Human Resources Services


The success of an organization largely depends on the strength of its human capital, among other things. With a sound operational track record of excellence, our human resource team would support your organization in the following human resource service areas:

• Staff Recruitment

• Staff Outsourcing

• Organization Restructuring

• Payroll Administration

• Performance Management

Staff Recruitment

Subject to your specification on minimum qualification & experience, we equip you with the finely selected human capital required for your business to remain ahead.

• Junior Level

• Middle Level

• Senior Level

• Executive Level

Staff Outsourcing

Organizations around the world leverage on the benefits of shared services and outsourcing cutting across multiple functions.

We enable companies concentrate on their core businesses to meet set targets by providing excellent support staff at all levels.

The benefits our clients derive from staff outsourcing to PUKKA includes:

• Avoidance of tiresome compliance and human resource issues.

• Improved service delivery

• Focus on their core business

• Cost reduction

• Adherence to approved company policies on head count

• Access to best HR practices

Organization Restructuring

We help you get the most from your staff, especially when your business significantly changes by working on your organizational plan and chart for the purpose of making your business more profitable and better organized.

We deploy and re-deploy  talents

Payroll Administration

PUKKA manages the compensation of employees for companies, and these involves keeping totals for hours worked by employees, deducting and remitting taxes and pensions, leave and holiday allowances, loan, rewards, bonuses, commissions and making sure company payroll adheres to employment laws.

Performance Management

We support in evaluating the performance of your staff from time to time (quarterly or bi-annually) to ensure that company goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.


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