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Legal & Company Secretarial Services


Our Legal team gives expert advice and practical assistance to companies and their boards of directors and other officers on company law, tax laws and corporate practice assisting them to comply with all Federal, State and local laws of Nigeria.


Our areas include: 

- Provision of nominee Director and nominee Company Secretary

- Branch and representative office registrations

- Registered office/Correspondence address

- Bank Account Opening

- Annual compliance and maintenance of statutory registers and books including registers of members, directors and secretaries.

- Attending board meetings and taking minutes

- Attending meetings and negotiating with other parties on behalf of client

- Representative appearances in court where required

- Bids

- Interfacing and corresponding with Companies and Federal government institutions or other authorities and bodies

- Managing Company’s Debtors

- Issuing all kinds of Notices

- Staff hiring, queries, warnings, discipline and firing

- Lease or Property acquisition

- Drafting documents, letters, contracts and agreements with other parties

- Advising clients on law and legal issues relating to their case

- Negotiating with contractors and other professionals to achieve client’s objectives.

- Researching and analyzing documents

- Supervising the implementation of agreements

- Instructing barristers and specialist advocates to appear in court for clients in complex disputes

- Checking through documents prior to signing and implementation

- Keeping clients updated on new laws affecting them or their business


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